Letter from the Staff

Dear Reader,

Albert Einstein once said, “wisdom is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” This sentiment is echoed by us, the writers and editors of Belmont Hill’s Student Magazine, the Podium. We yearn for your words, your ideas, and your creativity. Your essays enlighten, they explore, and most importantly, they expand the coffers of our collective intellect. To our writers, we thank you for your rigor, perseverance, and commitment to the ideals that this editor stands for. Your works will be woven into the collective tapestry that we call our history; they will become a beacon for future scholars to understand our being. You paint a picture, spin a story about our individualism, our collectivism, and creation, and develop the texts which will inspire future students, teachers, and leaders. We thank you for your contribution to the intangible chronicle of our time that we call the Podium. You are appreciated, your words are treasured, and you will all be remembered.

Volume VII – Edition I will contain Barrett Cosgrove’s essay on Stalin’s consolidation of Russian power, Riley Goodman’s exploration of the strategic use of espionage in the Cold War, and Morris Smith’s Monaco Prize-winning exploration of the evolution of board games into popular culture. Additionally, you will begin to understand our school’s wide-ranging views through op-eds such as Will Nolan’s on activism from athletes, Turner Rayment’s on United States climate action, and Alex Lo’s on NATO’s policy on Russia. Finally, a number of miscellaneous articles are contained inside written by the podium staff on wide-ranging issues. This article’s data analysis focuses on issues of American policy, voting, and world issues. Thank you for taking the time to crack open the deeply enlightening pages of this historic Podium edition.



The Podium Staff


Sam Atalla ’23, Andrew Asherman ’23, Cole Sparks ’24 | Presidents

Max Glick ’24, Max Wagner ’23 | Executive Editors

Ezra Lee ‘25, Cooper Nelson ‘23, Nate Voss ‘24 | Podium Staff