Letter to the Reader

Dear Reader,

Volume VI – Edition I of The Podium Magazine is even larger and more varied than the last, including our newest Student Art Section inspired by Mrs. Kaplan and the Art Department. Almost one year exactly since Belmont Hill first shut its doors under the clouds of the pandemic, the student experience has changed in almost every dimension. As always, we’re still committed to offering students and faculty alike a place to share sound opinions and research with the School in the tradition of the magazine, now in its sixth year.

Edition I will begin with three op-ed winners: Daniel Bittner, Jack Kendall, and Arec Keomurjian. Daniel writes about the Capitol insurrection on January 6th and potential surveillance laws thereafter; Jack and Arec took different perspectives on the issue of standardized testing and its role in the college admissions process, now dramatically changed during the pandemic. Congratulations to these three winners — each will receive a print version of the magazine and a gift-card reward.

Our research section spans from autonomy in Taiwan to the origins of the French Revolution and Northern tactics in the Civil War. This edition’s Featured Person, by senior Abe Tolkoff, illustrates the unlikely political origin story of Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) and his tight-rope walk between party lines. Lawrence Tang and Jason Wong explore the benefits and challenges of the new school schedule, and what should stay into next year. Last, Will Seward argues for a five-day in-person school week even during the pandemic and Luke Carroll describes the history of Senator Warren’s anti-corruption legislation in Congress. 

This edition’s Polling Project asked the school to share its opinion on President Biden’s first thirty days in office and his Cabinet appointees, including quotes from respondents. The Student Art Section includes ceramic pieces, woodwork, and other art from students across grade levels.

Luke Carroll ‘22 | President

Howard Huang ’22, Kevin Jiang ’22, and Abe Tolkoff ’21 | Executive Editors

Owen Gerah ’22, Luke Hogan ’22, Jack Kendall ’22, Arec Keomurjian ’22, Alex Lo ’23, Charles March ’22, Thomas Madden ’22, Will Seward ’22, Morris Smith ’22, Lawrence Tang ’22, and Jason Wong ’23 | Podium Staff